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I've been so deep into journaling games. I'm writing a zine about playing them — about immersion and bleed and other aspects — and my son asked about them recently and I said, "We could design one. When you play one it's like writing a diary as someone who's different from you in a fun way. What kind of character would be fun?"

"A vampire," he said.

"Cool!  What's a hard or strange situation that could happen in a vampire's life that they would write about in their diary?"

And the game came from that. It's his concept, and prompts, with some language tweaks and layout by me.

We playtested it and it's fun.

It's two randomly rolled prompts and then one final prompt. You're a vampyre who makes their life better. It was about two pages of journaling for me, and more impactful than you might expect from a game by a ten year old.

It's $2, and all the money goes to him. He's saving for something. A gaming mouse I think.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Vampyres Are People Too by Czege and Son layout two.pdf 2.9 MB


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Just dropped in $5

Hope this future game designer has good times with his laptop :D

Thank you :) 

He just got home from school and checked the sales. He's pretty excited. 


Im very excited to play this with my daughter!  We will let you know how it goes!  I hope your son likes the Chromebook!

Awesome. Thank you. I hope you have fun. Definitely let us know how it goes.