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We can all see that the world we had is profoundly gone. But did it have to be? A world in which so many of us believed what we were taught and lived according to narratives and assertions that now lie in tatters? But what if I told you there was one among us who was alive in a real way, an outlier who was doing what we should have been but that we never knew about? What if we had seen the truth of this person? It would have changed us all.

Well, there was. And Infinite Past is the story of a few of us who might have perceived this other for what they were and changed everything.

It's a social deduction storytelling game, but its not about lying to each other and trying to figure out who's the villain in your midst. It's about trying to find unspoken agreement about who's the most laudable character in the conversation. And with seven different character playsheets that look the same, but contain different combinations of storytelling guidelines under tabs, your collective decision could settle on any one of you.

Folks have been saying that people need games during stay-at-home to keep themselves occupied, or to take their mind off the tribulations of the world, but it feels like most people I know are so anxious and consumed by trying to understand how to navigate the world now that they don't have the energy for fictional worlds. So I wanted to see if I could make something people might really need now. It's a game and conversation about life choices of the old world, and the new one.

Suggested price $8.00. Minimum price $5.00. But if the price is a hardship to you, especially now during pandemic and economic uncertainty, please email me at paul@halfmeme.com, or DM me on Twitter @paulczege, and I'll get you a download key, no questions asked. If you want this game, I want you to have it.

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AuthorPaul Czege
GenreRole Playing
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Infinite Past looks cool.   The basic mechanic appears to be a fun twist on social deduction.  

 I am a bit of a luddite maybe?  Don't see how to communicate with you except to post a comment in an unrelated space (here).  I just want to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing what you are doing with Traverser.  It sounds like it's right up my alley!  



Thanks Davey. 

Yeah, there's no way to direct message anyone on itch.io.

It's been difficult to make progress writing Traverser during the pandemic, but I'm working on it. Thanks for the motivation. 



👍. From what I’ve seen you’ve got a great central mechanic here. It may be the most engaging collaborative approach To resolution I’ve seen.  Looking forward to seeing how you implement it. 


You mean Traverser (not Infinite Past)? 

I agree. Play a session of Traverser and you can't stop thinking how every other RPG gets its energy from disagreement, and Traverser gets its from agreement. 

hey Paul, was just puttering on one of my pet RPG designs and thought again about your project “Traverser”.  Just checking in and expressing hope that alls well w you (and it :). Let us know if there are any updates.  




A surprisingly tactile game of reflection and discovery. Small physical interactions with "just" a piece of paper can be both impactful and satisfying!
I look forward to being able to properly meet up with people again to play this in part because of how much this game is in response to our current situation.

Yeah, to play it over video you'd have to physically mail the sheets to the other players in advance.
Or someone might cook up a spreadsheet with the storytelling guidelines hidden until you click a checkbox to reveal them.


The snail mail approach actually sounds rather appealing? Mmmh...