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So what does it mean when you see "for MOSAIC Strict" on something?

MOSAIC Strict is a design challenge for tabletop RPGs by Michael Prescott. Create self-contained RPG subsystems that make no mechanical assumptions about each other, so groups can mix-and-match them together for a custom experience. Subsystems can affect the shared narrative, and be activated by events within the shared narrative, but never interact directly.

I think it's super compelling. Dracula is the seventh (!) one I've made. 

And for it at least, "for MOSAIC Strict" means "for any TTRPG". It's not a battle subsystem, or chargen subsystem that might conflict with non-MOSAIC mechanics you might be using. Dracula is a self-contained entity operating in his own unique way relative to character actions within your game's shared narrative. Check it out.

Created for The Dracula Jam.

Photo by  Kiên Trịnh.

Minimum price $1.00. Suggested price $2.00. But if the price is a hardship to you, please email me at paul@halfmeme.com, or DM me on Twitter @paulczege, and I'll get you a download key, no questions asked.

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